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Rachael Blackmore Winning Thurles Racecourse

Bernie Goldbach posted a video: Champion jockey Rachael Blackmore shares insights with Dylan on the grounds of the Thurles Racecourse.      Related StoriesDylan Meets Rachael BlackmoreSmiling with the Horses 

Just noticed Twitter is refusing to connect readers of tweets to videos on YouTube.

Father Paolo Benanti is the Pope’s adviser on AI. He is spreading the message that we are in danger of becoming an algocracy, a society ruled by algorithms.

Interacting on the job

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Screencapped inside Napkin while learning how different people interacted on the job during COVID-19.      Related StoriesPublishing is just the beginningThink atomicallyExploring Magisto Draft Mode 

Send your weird and cool street view finds to and to get inspiration, check out suggestions of others:…

Reading Meta’s blog to see Trump’s risk to public safety has sufficiently receded since Fulton County wants him prosecuted. This will be an entertaining FB feed.

Game Play on Mia's Handset

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Proof that iPhones beat Android phones.       

Publishing is just the beginning

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Publishing content is not the end of the process, it's simply the beginning of iterations.      Related StoriesThink atomicallyExploring Magisto Draft ModeEuropean Diaspora Percentage to America 

Cory Doctorow is playing a blinder in this SPOS episode:…

“Data is the currency of the digital age and data regulators are as crucial as financial regulators.” – Derek Scally

Zoom Notes for Artists

I’m activating artists with social by offering four quick hits. It’s so important to capture creatives at work. Your intellectual property could easily be in your Moleskines. Your captures and your thoughts could make compelling Instagram content. Workflow. Make your work flow. I’m …

Manfrotto Mini Tripod Moment

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: I get so much use from my Manfrotto mini tripod.      Related StoriesSurface Book in CanteenOn the SurfaceInformative Bottom Right 

Exploring Magisto Draft Mode

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: The highest quality Magisto clips use original footage on your handset. Magisto uses Ariticial Intelligence to stich together video clips and photographs.      Related StoriesExploring Magisto Draft ModeEuropean Diaspora Percentage to …

Listening through Fountain and hearing UDL tips that upskill me while commuting. Time to clip and boost.

Smiling with the Horses

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Rachael Blackmore and Dylan Goldbach in the Thurles Racecourse      Related StoriesDylan Meets Rachael BlackmoreStocking the canteenSurface Book in Canteen 

Dylan Meets Rachael Blackmore

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: At Thurles Racecourse       

European Diaspora Percentage to America

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Map showing the diaspora in America of each European country in relation to the country's population. The percentages originated from self-reported US Census data showing how people identify their ancestry. This map is not accurate when corrobated by DNA but it gives …

Wondering how deep support for runs now that hundreds have been let go.

Compositional clues can help you identify AI art:…

Standing at the race course fence listening to “We’ve invested 2.50 today and won a euro.”

Think atomically

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Advice from Ev Chapman      Related StoriesExploring Magisto Draft ModeEuropean Diaspora Percentage to AmericaQuantifiable UX Metrics 

I have to increase my commuting to expand my listening window when using Fountain.

I’ve reset my daily Airtable and spotted Paul Bradley saying, “Success in nearly all things boils down to being relatable. People want to be seen and they want to connect. Even casual contacts want to engage with people who see them.”

Quantifiable UX Metrics

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: Offer a numeric format to ensure granular analysis.      Related StoriesDigital fatigue can start with doom scrollingAchieving a GoalNeurological breakthroughs 

Screening in our home

Bernie Goldbach posted a photo: on the train