I’m following a discussion on a Facebook Group that pits a local community against a solar farmer. Because of the way Perplexity.ai works, I’m being fed information about how solar fences can generate energy. The energy can flow to batteries or inverters. Here are the key points:

  • Solar panels mounted on the fence capture sunlight and convert it into electricity to directly power the electric fence.
  • The solar panels can be bifacial, collecting energy on both sides to generate up to 10% more electricity, especially in the mornings and evenings.
  • Some solar fences also include a battery to store excess electricity generated during the day. This powers the fence at night or in low-light conditions when the panels aren’t producing as much energy.
  • A typical electric fence consumes 5-40 watts depending on the size. Solar panels of varying capacities can be chosen to power any size fence.

So PV panels on solar fences could be a reliable, eco-friendly way to power a battery bank that runs our washer and dryer.

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