In the mid-90s, I was so happy with a flat-text indexing service called AskSam. I’d install the software from a set of floppies and it would keep track of all sorts of notes I had scattered across my laptop. Today, I still have a scattergun approach to information and I’m using a much more powerful piece of software.


Now I’ve discovered Mem is being tweaked to process PDFs, images, links, audio recordings, and videos that are added as Mems. This means when I use the chat or search functions inside Mem, I will be able to locate multimedia objects as well as Markdown Mems. This is a big deal because it means Mem will span by Zoom meeting recordings, Otter transcripts, and the dozens of screenshots I take every day.

I hope to see the first iteration of this new second brain as my Mems become aware of the knowledge from within my email threads and attachments. I cannot do these sorts of deep dives with Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT. I want to be able to chat to my Mem collection and leverage these exceptionally rich knowledge management system.